7 Meals $49

Date Posted:27 May 2018 

Iv'e been working with computers now since my teenage years.

I know there is usually 'a way' to achieve most things you want to do given time, tenacity and an understanding significant other!

Thus far if you have wanted to take advantage of our 7 Meals For $49 offer online it's been a little messy for you - lots of typing, what meals you want etc...I know...messy!

But not any longer (fingers crossed). 

(drum roll....)

You can now simply add any 7 meals from the best buy category and up pops an awesome little discount of $5.60 applied automatically to your cart.

How good is that!

(symbol sound....)

If you want to give it a go please go slowly adding your 7th Best Buy Meal and wait for the pop up magic to appear.

7 best buy meals for $49

Oh the wonders of technology (said nobody anywhere).

ps - to add a little extra special to the deal we have now included the delicious Fish in Parsley meal and the ever popular Chicken Schnitzel meal into the best buy category - so they can be included in the 7 meals you choose.

pps - did you make the drum roll and symbol sounds??


7 best buy meals for $49


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