Autumn Menu Updates

Date Posted:1 March 2018 

Autumn 2108 Menu Updates

---- Whats New? ----

Hoki, baked with a Parmasen crust

served on a bed of steamed potatoes and lots of greens!

Breakfast Options

Autumn 2018 sees us venture into a new breakfast section which we have launched with the following options...

delivered fresh to you in packs of 2 these generously sized crossaints are served with...

Ham and Cheese ($7.20)


Jam and Butter ($5.90)

Oven bake or eat as is - they are filling and delicious.

Delivered freshly de-frosted for your convenience (so please dont re-freeze).

Would you like to see additional items in our new brekky section?

Drop us a line or let us know when you next phone in.  



Roasted Nutloaf

 back by popular demand....Roasted Nutloaf is back from retirement!

Served with mash, veggies and Mushroom sauce we know this will bring a smile to many faces :-)


---- What Have Taken Off? ----

Fish and Chips

We were receiving too many calls from people who were having issues re-heating this meal in their microwaves - so we decided to retire it.


We have now retired all but the Garden Salad, however, Steamed Chicken and Quiche Lorraine are now available as seperate side items following seveal requests to do so. We have had several requests to make the Quiche Lorraine available as a seperate item so we've introduced it and the steamed Chicken as just that!

The Ploughmans will be available again next Summer. 



We have 'nudged' some prices a little to keep on top of the ever rising costs of running a small business.

After having a chat with us our local butcher increased prices to us by 10% in February. Despite being just across the road and giving us the best service I was compelled to have a hunt around to see if we were paying the going rates for our meats, and, having checked with 3 other butchers, we are. 

I just wanted to make you aware that we dont just blindly accept price increases from our suppliers. In the interests of supplying a range of top quality products at the best prices - I always resist, challenge and investigate the market situation when any of our suppliers increase their prices to us.

As normal we have kept the increases as little as possible and we hope these meet with your acceptance and understanding.


Large Desserts
Bavarian from 4.90 to 5.20 (standard size unchanged)
Strawberry Cheesecake from 4.90 to 5.20 (standard size unchanged)
Apple Crumble from 4.90 to 5.20
Best Buy Meals...
Petie from 5.40 to 5.60
Medium from 7.60 to 7.80
Beef and Pork...
Petite from 5.90 to 6.10
Medium from 8.00 to 8.20
Large 12.30 to 12.50
All other prices remain unchanged.

Dawn, myself and the whole Meals4U team thank you for your regular orders, regualr support and for helping us to keep our marketing costs under control by spreading the word for us.

If you'd like to keep spreading the word for us you can review what we do via the following links

The Review Page On Our Website

The Review Section Of Our Facebook Page can now also make an entry in our high tech

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