Dealing With Cyclone Debbie

Author: Lisa   Date Posted:22 October 2017 

They think of themselves as 'The People That Help Others Maintain Their Independance', so when cyclone Debbie passed through the Meals4U team pulled out all the stops to keep supplies of meals flowing. 

There were extra runs on the Friday with the kitchen team in early helping pick and pack, lots of phone calls by the office team to keep customers informed, repeated attempts to deliver to customers who had lost power and weekend deliveries to those that they just could not reach during the eye of the storm.

Their efforts did not go unnoticed though and the team felt pretty special when a customer (who has trusted them with his deliveries since October 2013) wrote this article in the Sunshine Coast Daily...

Their efforts were also recognised by Lorraine (a loyal customer since 2014) who nominated Meals4U for a Queensland Carers Small Business Award.

These awards recognise the extra care and the 'go the extra mile' approach made by small businesses helping care providers continue on with their job to care for loved ones.

At the ceremony Mike relayed the short story to a packed room and received rapturous applause.

Pictured here are Mike and Dawn (owners of Meals4U) at the ceremony with their nomination certficate. 

"We would like to say a huge thank you to all our customers who support us" Mike said afterwards "in their own special way they keep us fed and watered too" he continued.


Since 2005 - so many Seniors, their grand children, their children, their friends or relatives, in and around the Sunshine Coast, Bribie and the Northern suburbs of Brisbane have trusted the Meals4U team to make and deliver a range of delicious Home Style meals.

To find our more contact the team now 
(07) 5494 0113 

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Well Done!

By: on 6 April 2017
I had no meals ordered but did think of the delivery day and just assumed you too would be shut down. Well done, my friend Kaylene, and to Mike - who likes to sing, I see. You people are the best!

Meals4U Response..

Thanks Dorothy for your kind words which I will pass on to Mike and Kaylene



By: on 6 April 2017
Well done Friends. Loved the up date.Pleased you got through O.K. Top Class Service. as usual, Thank You.

Meals4U Response..

Thanks Joan! I think they had fun even though they were a little bit wet when they got back!



Delivery service

By: on 6 April 2017
I thought like a lot of people that the Meals4U team would be snug at home last Thursday during one of the worst days to be on the roads & I purposely did not leave an order because of the cyclone that was hanging around. Kaylene you are a "Brit" to even think of driving in such conditions!! Just goes to show "the mail/meals must get through". Where else would one find such a service? Congratulations but please, please, do stay safe.

Meals4U Response..

Thanks Joyce! Our drivers safety is paramount, that's why Mike decided to accompany Kaylene on Thursday. We brought the other driver, Kathy, back to the shop early as it just wasn't safe for her to continue. We completed her deliveries on Friday and Saturday.

Havin' Fun In The Rain

By: on 6 April 2017
Just shows that you care about your customers, going the extra mile, making sure they reeceived their ordered meals when they had power restored, even though it meant driving in the rain on the weekend and you made it look like you were having fun. Great service, congratulations and hugs to the whole team

Meals4U Response..

Thanks Jessica, we've have got a great team!

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