Feeling A Little Sad...

Date Posted:10 December 2017 

Since the very early days back in 2009 when a busy week was 30 deliveries - Dawn and I have been heavily involved at Meals4U. It's become our way of life and you can imagine there are a large number of customers that we know and think of as our extended family.

So it can be pretty hard at times when suddenly they are just no longer there.

Such was the case recently when a customer's daughter called to say that 'Mum' was moving into full time care and wouldn't be needing meals anymore.  It's happened a few times now and it never gets any easier.

What used to take me really by surprise too was the ease with which some of our regular customers would talk about their pending departures! Miriam (rest her soul) called in 2012 and told me that this was probably one of the last calls she would make as her Doctor had advised she had 2 weeks to live! The call blew me away.

Miriam continued to order for a further 3 years until one day we learnt that she had passed in the night. 

All in all we are always very humbled by the fact that we are able to play a big part in helping lots of people maintain their independence for many years beyond what they tell us they expected to be able to do and we unashamedly take lots of comfort from that.

Anyway - its onwards and upwards....lots of meals to make and deliver - Christmas 2017 is just a few weeks away.

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