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Author: Mike   Date Posted:15 October 2016 

In October 2016 we began the process of switching over to a new website.

We had 14 existing customers involved in the transition process and used this blog facility to record their feedback (see below). 

The comments may not make much sense to you today as they do get very detailed, but there is no doubt that our website is what it is thanks to the feedback these people provided and the time they spent placing many 'dummy' orders.

Many ideas that were suggested by these people were implemented and several 'glitches' were discovered  (including 2 major issues with this blog facility itself!)

Thanks Team -  you did a great job for us.




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After reading other reviews....

By: on 19 December 2016
It is obvious that you need a button which has Place Your Order or Create new Order as people are having difficulty finding the page to do it. I really think you should do way with creating a wish list and call that link Create New Order, which by clicking on it will take you to the page where you can select your meals from Petite, Medium or Large and whether it's a meal, soup or dessert etc. I don't like not being able to select the number of meals I want straight from the order page, which was the option available when I first tested the new page. What I foresee is thinking to myself that I want to order 3 of a particular meal but after clicking on my chosen meal I'd forget to edit the number wanted while in the shopping cart, and end up with just the one. I preferred the first test page to the newer version trialed.

Meals4U Response..

Thanks Lilly...

your suggestions ahve been implemented in our new system.

Thanks for your valued input.



Mark 2 test order

17 December 2016
Sorry Mike the latest version requires too many clicks to get your order done I preferred the first version even with the chance of ordering 10 of the same as this is still possible when you change the quantity in your cart. Still no way back from the invoice page ☹️ Will get a refresher on how bad the old site is on sunday when I put in my order

Meals4U Response..
In this review Lawrie was not actually referring to original 'old' website but a older version of the brand new website. Lawrie's point was very helpful and I have now changed back.

Home page

16 December 2016
After logging in you end up at the page where you have the different boxes to click on to do different things such as change password, reorder from previous orders, create wish lists, pay invoices, edit contact details etc. There is no link to create a new order. I would remove one of the other options eg create wish list, or My Quotes and then create a Order Meals button. The way it's currently set up to get to where you can start a new order is by clicking on the HOME page where you then find, on the left hand side, the menu options, eg petite, medium, large, desserts etc etc. Since I last checked it, the option to order multiples of one meal has also changed. One clicks on the food item you want and a small box comes up saying you have ordered 1x of the item you wanted, and you then have the option of going to the basket, or continuing to shop. Last week was better because if I wanted to order 3 or a certain meal I could do so straight from the menu page. As it is now, I would have to go to view my cart and then select the meal I want to order multiples of and change it there. I much preferred being able to select 3 from the actual menu page and not have to go to my cart to increase the number of dishes I wanted. According to the webpage another box is supposed to pop up where you can increase the number of that particular meal being ordered but that is not appearing in my browser. I'm talking about the one with the heading of To Add Multiple Products to your Cart at the same time. I don't get that popping up. Hopefully this makes sense. It would be easier to explain via screenshots but I can't do so via this page.


16 December 2016
After logging in I had a page which showed lots of options but did not indicate where to go to place order. Clicked HOME and then found I was in right area but needed several clicks before I could start order, example, click medium meals and page then shows petit and medium meals and have to click again or havwe i done something wrong ? Once there worked very well. Ray.

Message from Mike

12 December 2016
I can now confirm that only the latest 5 comments are being displayed on this page. What you have been using is basically an off the shelf system that we pay a monthly fee to hire. I then customise parts of the design to suit our needs. So...with issues such a this (only the most recent 5 comments being displayed) have to be referred back to the system owners and hopefully they can point me in the right direction or fix it for me. I'll take this up with the owners tommorrow. Cheers Mike.

Comment from Lester

12 December 2016
Congratulations - once I realized I was not a returning customer & opened a new account the process was very easy. Ordering is much easier than having to back & forth from cart. Is very easy however to click a number higher than what you want. As mentioned by others there is icon for Credit Card payments - but not a problem for me as I love Paypal. With a little twinking I believe you are on the right track

Going good.

11 December 2016
Now I have got to know from first visit how bits work. I tried forgotten password and the when logged in changed password. Worked perfectly. Placed order by selecting items on screen then loading the lot - much quicker that present site and all worked perfectly. Still like you to consider making the arrow boxes bigger - I now realize that minus is there so if you over do the number you want you can change number to a lower one. Ray.

Comments Not Showing On This Page

11 December 2016
Message from Mike... Lawrie mentioned that 1 of his 2 comments is not showing on this feedback page. I'm looking into this as there are now 9 comments in total and I am only seeing 5 on this page. Rest assured I am approving every comment that everyone makes (once approved they are supposed to show). More later...Mike

comment vanished

11 December 2016
My previous comment is not visible but after having made another couple of test orders my observations are much the same. It is too easy to accidentally order 10 items when you just want 1 with the "0" in the number box that doesnt get overwritten by the number you want. There is no way to navigate back from the order confirmation page so not possible to either track/make another order/ or log out once you get to this page. There is a picture/video missing on the deserts page and the video selection placecards are not resizing on a mobile screen and are covering some text. I agree with another poster that the payment method buttons should show cheque/cash and there should be credit card button shown even though that should say call with card details or make online card available without paypal for those that don't use paypal. Overall the process is much improved with just some small rough edges. Lawrie Beales

Thumbs up

10 December 2016
Thanks, Mike. I found the ordering part of the experience much improved ... no more navigating back and forth as with your previous site. I did become muddled when I kept being told my username was invalid, but then decided it didn't matter as this wasn't a 'real' order anyway, so I just closed the site and came here to leave a comment. Like everything new, it will soon become second nature to use ... thumbs up from me!


9 December 2016
I had just about finished my review when it disappeared and I unable to find you again. Had to readdress myself to the web site, and start again. I treated the site as a new member and watched your video. It then showed me a message about 10% off for new customers and box with arrow in. I thought this was to proceed but it took me back to start video again. I found the mark on top tool bar to sign in as a new member and completed the details. Went to order from medium meals, chose meal and clicked for 1 in top order bar then followed through to continue shopping. It took me to more meals in this category - I expected and wanted to return to main menu. Found I had to start from selecting the medium meals menu and run through to return to where I had got to. Can you not have it arranged to return to main menu even if it does toke you back to top of page. I think customers can work out from the main menu what other meals are in a category this wish to make a purchase from without that hint of other meals they may want to order. I then realized that I could place order by entering a number in a box under the meal, tried this and first found I was ordering -1 which made no sense. Why have 2 very small arrows in a small box - can this be changed to a click to order 1 or just one arrow which can allow you to move up a scale of how many you want ? I did realize that the information you supplied before I started meant that I could now select a number of meals under each item displayed and then click to order marked items which I tried out and it order perfectly. When we get to payment - does the term cheque include payment by credit or debit card to the drive if so I suggest this should be added p- "cheque or card". Overall I feel that the new web site is an improvement and just needs people to take time to familiarize them selves with it. One thing I found odd - first order I made did not have any information added from my registration so I had to add all my details again, next order it did add.

Comment from Valmae Levett

9 December 2016
Had a little trouble at the beginning when I tried to log in but as soon as I realised I was not a returning customer on the new site and registered it was okay. The ordering is much more efficient, especially being able to place full order before going to the checkout. This has eliminated the tedious back and forth and having to find out where you were up to. What I did not like was that there is no credit card option other than PayPal. As with my disability I order my groceries weekly from Cole's so I found the up and down arrows for the quantity of each item much easier than typing in the number. I will have a few more goes at it. But you are definitely on the right track .


9 December 2016
So here in this email are the issues, just a couple, I had. "I attempted to log in using my current Meals 4 U account details but it wouldn't let me get into my account. I double, even triple checked the email and password with no success. So I tried the other email account that I also have for you guys (both westnet accounts just different user names), and had the same problem. The only way I could get onto this site to do anything was to create a whole new account with new email address. Don't know what caused that glitch. There's no 'Create a new order' option. You have clickable boxes for editing account details, viewing prior orders, paying accounts, wishlists, re ordering from previous orders, change password, resolution centre etc, but a box for 'Create new Order' should be included there as well. I knew enough to click on Menu at the top, and from there select the option to create a new order. The ordering process was easy, although when I clicked to 'Continue Shopping' after ordering all the meals I wanted in the Petite sizes, I expected the screen to go back to the 'Products Page' where I could select from the medium, large, salads, desserts, specials etc sections, rather than go back to the Petite section that I'd completed. That's about the only issue I have with the ordering part. Otherwise it was good, user friendly. I only ordered, I left everything in my basket at checkout. (the gmail grumpycat account)." I hope I've been of some assistance to you. Cheers, Lily Cavanagh

Lesley Wlsk

9 December 2016
Yes, the site is definitely improved. Thanks.... Please do not deliver, no room in my freezer for this large order.! Thanks.

Observations so far

8 December 2016
I have made a couple of orders to test and I find that the site seems to work well with a couple of minor problems. Firstly when you are presented with the order page all the selections have a "0" filled in and if you just go ahead and put say a 1 in the box you get "01" Now this is ok but it is possible to put the 1 on the other side by accident( I didnt try to do this it just happened) and you then get "10" which will buy you 10 items by mistake. My preference would be to have the "0" blank to remove any error or have the kbd input overprint the "0" Secondly when you have completed the order and you are presented with a detailed invoice there is no navigation bar at the top so its inpossible to log out or do anything else without using the back arrow on your browser. Otherwise much better than the old system.

My experience

8 December 2016
As I clicked through the site it flowed and making the order was easy...I was a little confused the first time I clicked continue shopping and it took me back to menu and I wanted to add another couldn't see straight away how to click for multiply items.but I did find it with a tiny search...I think the site is very user friendly...

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