She Made It!

Author: Mike   Date Posted:15 March 2017 

She made it!


It was just past midnight when my phone beeped and the message read “all safely back in the UK”. I slept well that night.


At 78 and still handling the fallout from major surgery it was a big call to travel from the UK to Glass House Mountains for a 3 week trip, but that’s what my Mum was able to do and I’m very proud of her.


Mum is no Spring Chicken anymore and it was hard for me to witness the signs of ageing first hand, as I hadn’t seen her since surgery 2 years ago.


It also made me realise that the comments we get so frequently at Meals4U from people of a similar age about how they value what we do and how we make life easier and sometimes even possible for them, should never be lost in the general rush of a busy day.


Mum has been unable to find anything like us in the UK, yes there are lots that mass produce meals on large scale in factories, but none that produce tasty meals by hand in small weekly batches.


Nonetheless I think it’s very fair to say that she’s looking as good as ever!


From left to right

Dawn, Dean, Chris, Zara, Mike.

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Top Food - a B;essing

By: on 22 April 2017
Your chicken soup is 'tops' Not just a soup, it is a meal. Being Carer for my husband is a full time job. The thing is I do not know what will need to be done each day. There are the basics, but unexpected things do pop up most days. He is almost 86, I am 82 so I get tired. At 5 pm yesterday, "What's for tea?" Ye Ha!!!!!!!, chicken soup. Thank God for the microwabe oven too, set on thawing frozen food, we had our evening meal in double quick time. What a blessing. Coming into winter I'll sure be stocking up with Chicken Soup and other goodies, Keep up the good work Meals 4 U Team, you are a Top service PS Thought you might like to know, on Easter Sunday Arch and I celebrated our 62nd Wedding anniversary with Minted Lamb patties - delicious.

Meals4U Response..

Thanks for the feedback and kind words Jessica. Isn't it great to know you can have a lovely wholesome soup 'just like that!' For winter we will be having a pea and ham soup too which is a favourite as well. I'll make a note to let you know when it's available.

Congratulations to you and Arch, what an achievement!



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