The Petite Story..

Date Posted:11 January 2018 

Mike discusses feedback from a recent customer survey. 

Back in 2015 we had Large and Standard sized meals and it was becoming clear that, as our customers aged our standard size meals would become too large for their shrinking apetites.

I visited several Seniors who I thought might be interested in smaller sized meals and talked with them at length. I explained that they would be exactly the same as our existing meals in terms of their content - just in a smaller size.

These reactions were typical and convinced us to get started straight away introducing the Petite range...

"I'd buy them next week if they were available", "That'd save me giving half to the dog" & "No longer will I have to eat 1 meal over 2 days".

It took Dawn and the kitchen team about 4 months to introduce the whole menu in the Petite Size and it didnt take long for the Sales to start flowing in. We contacted lapsed customers and many came back to us :-)




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