The Steps We Take To Keep Your Deliveries Consistent And On Time

Author: Mike   Date Posted:25 March 2017 

How To : Stay Safe In The Rain

How many delivery drivers do you see in shoddy looking footwear totally unsuited to the current wet weather conditions?

Since the very early days at Meals4U Dawn and I have always supplied safety graded footwear to ALL our staff.

But recently our regular high street supplier just wasn't there anymore so after several google sessions and phone calls we discovered this fantastic KingGee brand of slip resistant womens workwear shoe at our local Totally Workwear store in Morayfield.
Supplying our teams with safety footwear is expensive, but it's one small step we take to keep things the same for you week in week out.

Have a great weekend and stay safe in the rain.


ps - we are not affiliated to KingGee or Totally Workwear. Just keen to share our thoughts on a great product.

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