Were You Bulletproof?

Author: Mike Haines   Date Posted:2 July 2017 

Were You Bulletproof?

Yesterday Dawn and I had a wander through Caloundra checking out healthy cafe's in Bulcock Street.

Eventually we found ourselves looking around the reception area of the cinema.

What happended next surprised us both.....

A young male probably about 17 launched himself horizontally feet first at one of those tall upright signs that advertise the latest block buster movies. It was all done in fun - no violent intention - and it was obvious that he had been asked to take the sign down.

He picked himself up off the now broken in half poster (I'm laughing away here just recalling the total stupidity of this guy) smiling proudly at his friends, you could feel the sense of achievment he was enjoying.

It took us a while to fully take in what was going on around us - but once we did, and realised he was unharmed we did see the funny side of it.

Now ... is there anything you are prepared to own up to that is evidence you thought you were bullet proof in your younger years?

If so comment below.....

(still smiling here)


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