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Mike and Dawn Haines - Owners - Meals4U

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Very nice meals,

By: on 16 April 2018
I am new at this but i got to say you have a good selection of meals and desserts, as i carent stand up to cook any more these meals are just what i need as i live alone it sure is a great help to get good healthy meals with vegetables, just add a few more greens ? Many thanks to the friendly driver, Sandra Burpengary.

Meals4U Response..

Thanks for that Sandra, I'm glad we've hit the mark for you!

I'll pass your 'more veggies' request onto the kitchen team. It's always good to get feedback we can pass on.


Thank you Team on behalf of Helen & her siblin

By: on 22 March 2018
It's been a few years since Helen started receiving meals from Meals4U and we are still very satisfied with the meals and the wonderful service. Visiting family members have enjoyed them as well. It makes life much easier for us to know that Helen is receiving nutritious food and having it delivered into her freezer is excellent service. We are impressed with the way you vary foods and leave out the peas sometimes. It’s good to have a change, however, the basics can always be relied upon. Thank you for saving us a lot of stress. Keep up the wonderful work. We are very happy with your meals and service and the online ordering is so easy now and quick. Big hugs all around. 

Meals4U Response..

Thank you so much for your lovely post Marie-Clare!

We are very pleased to be able to help and make life a bit easier for all. It's great to have that peace of mind isn't it, knowing that your loved one has a bit of help with the essentials of life, a good meal! 



Customer Feedback

By: on 25 January 2018
Recent Customer Feedback.... Hi, My usual order is Petite Lamb Patties and Steak & Mushrooms. Both are always very good. I sometimes add more peas or broccoli as I like greens. Well done, keep up the excellent work. Congratulations to the whole team, Bless you all, Hi Mike, In response to your question “How are we going?”, I thought I would let you know that we are very satisfied with the meals we are receiving from you. Reasons: Compared to other frozen food we’ve tried, your meals taste freshly cooked. You offer 3 meal sizes which others don’t. I enjoy the vegetables you include – sometimes 4 or 5 different vegetables. I think my favourite meal is good old savoury mince. I also enjoy the curried sausages. I add some sliced banana before I put it in the microwave. It already has apple in it. We also enjoy the roast meals. We add mint jelly to the lamb and apple sauce to the pork. Hope these comments are helpful to you. Regards,

Merry Christmas

18 December 2017
Christmas greeting to you all, Mike, Dawn, the rest of the team & especially to the delivery driver, Kaylene. She is just wonderful, always has a smile which certainly make my day especially if I am a tad off colour on the day. Hope the New Year is a very happy & prosperous one & brings more customers to your wonderful service. Regards. Joyce.

Meals4U Response..

Thank you for the kind words Joyce, I'll make sure they are passed on to Kaylene.

And I agree..... she is a wonderful person who brightens everyone's day.

A very Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year to you and yours Joyce.



Recent Reactions From New Customers....

By: on 19 November 2017
******* "Hi there, Thank you for your email. I am enjoying your meals very much. I really like them and It’s the kind of food I enjoy. I probably won’t have them every night (sometimes toasted cheese sandwiches !) but will most certainly be ordering more. Thanks for going to the trouble of writing your lovely letter and believe me your meals are extremely lovely. I love all the vegies. My relatives were worried that I wasn’t eating enough vegetables !! So keep on making your fabulous home cooked meals and I will most certainly be eating and ordering them. Kind regards, Julie" **** "Hi Mike, Thanks for emailing me. I have found the meals to be excellent, we are very pleased with them. Also the lady that delivers to me, I think it was Kaylene, has a lovely smile, and very pleasant attitude. Overall I am very pleased with the two deliveries we have had so far. Regards Sylvia" **** "Hi Mike Received my first order. I wasn't home so driver left it with my retirement village manager. Excellent. I have only had 3 out of the 5 meals so far as I have been in hospital last 10 days. Meals were very good. So going home i still have another 2 meals in the freezer n can place another order this week. Thank you Therese" Here are a selection of comments from people that have recently ordered from us for the first time. -------------------------------- "Very happy so far thanks Mike – Good food and good service at a good price!" ***** "My now dad has gone into care. He loved the meals and the size was perfect Thank You" **** "Amazing food, delivery, as yet haven't met driver. Thanks - Heather" ******* "Hi there, Thank you for your email. I am enjoying your meals very much. I really like them and It’s the kind of food I enjoy. I probably won’t have them every night (sometimes toasted cheese sandwiches !) but will most certainly be ordering more. Thanks for going to the trouble of writing your lovely letter and believe me your meals are extremely lovely. I love all the vegies. My relatives were worried that I wasn’t eating enough vegetables !! So keep on making your fabulous home cooked meals and I will most certainly be eating and ordering them. Kind regards, Julie" **** "Hi Mike, Thanks for emailing me. I have found the meals to be excellent, we are very pleased with them. Also the lady that delivers to me, I think it was Kaylene, has a lovely smile, and very pleasant attitude. Overall I am very pleased with the two deliveries we have had so far. Regards Sylvia" **** "Hi Mike Received my first order. I wasn't home so driver left it with my retirement village manager. Excellent. I have only had 3 out of the 5 meals so far as I have been in hospital last 10 days. Meals were very good. So going home i still have another 2 meals in the freezer n can place another order this week. Thank you Therese"

Good and Bad

By: on 25 October 2017
We have just tried the two new spring meals, Beef Lasagna and Italian Meatballs and I have to say you have excelled yourselves. Both were excellent and although I added some xtra cheese to the meatballs (I like lots of cheese) they are certainly worthy of a regular order. On another note the withdrawal of Steak Dianne has gone down like a lead balloon and the wife is treatening to picket your shop if you dont bring them back..... Please rethink their removal you dont really want to see her on your doorstep some day with a protest sign and a bullhorn!!!

Meals4U Response..

It's great to hear the 2 new meals on the menu are a hit for you! We're getting great feedback over the phone about them too.

Sorry to disappoint your wife by taking the Steak Dianne off, sometimes it's necessary to take meals off and customers are disappointed but we do try and go with the popular meals and meals that are waning sometimes have to go. Hopefully we won't see your wife at our door with a placard but she's welcome to come and have a look around if she'd like!

I've passed on your feedback to Dawn and the kitchen team and who know, Steak Dianne may come back on in the future.

Wonderful Organisation

By: on 28 September 2017
Many thanks for your great food & service. As we are in Gympie and my 95 year old Mother is in Deception Bay, It has been a great relief for us to know that she has been receiving well balanced tasty meals, delivered to her door, while we only have to do a few mouse clicks. The delivery girls are great. We have decided to take the next step and have Mum move in with us, as she needs a bit more care and companionship. We have also sampled your meals and are by far much more tasty than some other home delivered meals. Our only regret is that you don't deliver to Gympie. Again many thanks & kind regards to you all.

Meals4U Response..

Thanks folks for you very kind words. It'll be sad not to pay our weekly visit to Veronica but we are glad that she will be in safe hands. Please pass on our thanks for the regular orders since 2015.

We made this note back in 2016 and I have listed it here in recognition of the efforts our friendly team of drivers make to assist our customers.......

'Veronica had fallen when Kath arrived and was locked behind a screen door. Kath waited until someone arrived who could let her in and all was good. A neighbour called us here in the office and commended Kath for her actions.' Once again - thanks for your loyal patronage over the years.


Reusing your meal container

30 August 2017
Rather than putting our used containers in the recycling we decided to clean them and use them for storing bits and pieces. The one thing that annoyed me was the labels were virtually impossible to remove. We used some but that was always a problem until I discovered how to remove them cleanly ready for reuse. I don't know if this is a new trick but it was new for me. What I do is when our containers come out of the microwave I lift a corner of the label with a finger nail and voila it peals straight off perfectly clean. Its wise to take care as the lid is hot but so far I have removed about 100 without injury and they are now perfect for reuse.

Meals4U Response..

Thanks Lawrie! You've solved a problem there. Not all of our customers have the option to recycle them in the Council bin so the problem of removing the label cleanly so they can be reused is now solved for one and all. As you say....take care when it's straight out the microwave.

Many thanks

By: on 24 August 2017
Mum has just moved into residential care, so I must thank you all for your wonderful (personable) meal service and customer attentiveness. Mum did enjoy her Meals for U and told many people exactly that. And I always appreciated the reminders you gave me when a new order was due (I would have been lost without them!) and felt a sense of relief that I knew Mum was at least eating sensibly. You can be sure I have, and will continue, to recommend you to others.

Meals4U Response..

Thanks Mary. It is lovely for us to know that we've made someone's life a little bit easier by providing our tasty, convenient meals. Thank you for your support and please wish your Mum all the best for this, the next chapter of her life.

Excellent food

By: on 11 July 2017
Excellent food, very convenient, friendly staff.

Meals4U Response..

Thanks Glenn. We're glad we're ticking the boxes!

A London UK customer

By: on 3 July 2017
Both of my parents have Alzheimer's and have not been getting nutritionally balanced meals which is why I was glad to find your service. My mother says that the meals are very good and they enjoy having them - a great relief to me.

Meals4U Response..

We know it can be worrying when your parents start to need a bit of extra help and you're living overseas. We are always happy to email to help keep you 'in the loop'  and can set up repeat orders or reminders so they don't miss a delivery. Thanks for the feedback!


First Meals

By: on 29 June 2017
Thanks to all of you for an excellent first meals. ( I had the fish in lemon and my wife had the fish and parsley sauce). If the rest of the menu is of the same! Glad to see the vegetables were cooked so that my dentures were not in danger as some of the local club's servings.

Meals4U Response..

I'm glad you enjoyed your first meals Barry! I'll pass your feedback onto the kitchen team, they'll be pleased.....another satisfied customer!

Glueten free.

By: on 12 May 2017
I have to be on a glueten and lactose free diet. Do you provide those types of meals. Regards Lynda Widdowson.

Meals4U Response..

We have an update to this post.............................

We have introduced 12 low gluten meals, the same great taste and flavours but low gluten!

We are always looking to meet our customers needs so we hope you enjoy them.

Please click on the 'low gluten' tab to see what's available.



Thanks for the enquiry Lynda. We are bringing in a small range of low gluten meals (not gluten free and not suitable for Coeliacs) as we do receive regular requests and enquiries about providing them. We are unable to offer certified gluten free meals because meals containing gluten are also made in our kitchen. We do also offer a range of lactose free meals, but again, the meals are made in an environment where lactose is used.

If you'd like to give us a ring we can let you know which of our meals may be suitable for you.


Beef and Dumplings

7 May 2017
Wahoo, can't wait until 1st June for the return of my favourite winter dish, YUM indeed :-)

Meals4U Response..

Good on ya Lawrie! 

Feedback on meals etc.

By: on 2 May 2017
Hi Mike & Dawn, Still very satisfied with the meals I have been receiving. The petite meals are just the right size for me & as I hate cooking, I am not wasting anything. The ladies, (& I mean that in every sense of the word) who deliver are marvelous with wonderful smiles & pleasant manner. Many thanks to them. Keep up this great service.

Meals4U Response..

Thanks Joyce. I just had a quick scan through your orders to find you had been with us since we took over in 2009!

Thanks for your very kind words and loyalty over the years. We'll keep up the good work!!!!


Excellent service

By: on 30 April 2017
Very professional. Kaylene is always very friendly.This is my third week I have had meals delivered. Originally I got the petite size but that was insufficient for me.Since my husband passed away at Christmas because he was the cook ,that is the reason I got your meals after trying several varieties from the supermarket Yous's have the home cooked flavour. I do not like the roasts but that is my personal decision.

Meals4U Response..

Thanks Lorraine. Yes - the Petite meals are quite small. We introduced them back in 2015 after we noticed we were losing lots of customers who had got to the point where they could no longer manage the size of a medium and sorry you are not keen on the Roasts :-(

I will certainly let Kaylene know you had mentioned how friendly she is. She has been called a 'Gem' a 'Real Find' many times by customers over the years. What more can I say!! Good to chat today too as you called into the shop as I was typing up this reply!!!!



Not just for Vegetarians

30 April 2017
Looking thru the menu for something new to try I decided to give the Roasted Nutloaf a try. Being a red bloded carnivore I was a bit concerned people would think I had gone to the other side but I was pleasantly surprised, its delicious and has become one of my favourites. If you haven't given it a go take a tip from me you wont be sorry. Thanks Mike and those lovely ladies

Meals4U Response..

Hey Lawrie....

this meal has been one of the biggest surprises since we started and let me add quickly that it was all Dawn's work!

None of us ever expected a vegetarian dish to sell so well. It is also the dish that we have had the most feedback about (and its all been positive too).

Thanks for chipping in - we appreciate it.


ps - you can see a short video of this dish being made on our Video Wall


Web Site!

By: on 20 April 2017
Hi Dawn & Mike........just want you to know how good your web site is. It's not only colourful but extremely practical. I also want to thank Kaylene, she's always happy and bright and willing to help, you have a great worker. Rob & Barb Bribie Island

Meals4U Response..

Thanks Rob and Barb! We had a team of 14 customers giving advice and feedback as we rolled the new website out. We're go glad it's a positive experience for you.

We agree, Kaylene is a lovely person and a valued employee. I'll be sure to pass your feedback on to her.

Thank you

By: on 6 April 2017
Thank you to Mike , Dawn and your wonderful team - Sadly we will need to make the next order for mum her last order as we will be moving mum into a residential care facility. I want to say a massive thank you for your delicious meals, great service and just all round awesomeness. Thanks again you guys do great work keeping it fresh and local.

Meals4U Response..

No worries Leanne, thanks for your support over the years. We hope we made life a little easier for Mum. All the best to her for this, the next chapter of her life.

First Time User

By: on 5 April 2017
Just had the Chicken Vegy soup and the Pickled Pork dinner.......terrific!

Meals4U Response..

Thanks Roger for your kind comments which I read out to Dawn and we are both delighted to hear your thoughts.

Kind regards...


Received via email....

By: on 28 March 2017
I have found the meals to be excellent, we are very pleased with them. Also the lady that delivers to me at Deception Bay, I think it was Karen, has a lovely smile, and very pleasant attitude. Overall I am very pleased with the two deliveries we have had so far. Regards Sylvia.

Meals4U Response..

Thanks Sylvia - we appreciate your feedback and will pass it on at our next team meetings. Regards

By: on 27 March 2017
Lisa, Mike and the team at Meals4U have been a god send for our company. We run small workshops in Beerwah often for mums and job seekers, we call Lisa, tell her how many people we are expecting and she sorts the rest. Each and every time we call, the greetings are so friendly warm and welcoming. Mike, Lisa & the team ALWAYS do what they can to go above and beyond to ensure we are happy, and we ALWAYS are! The meals are so delicious, fresh & SUPER tasty! For affordable yet quality meals, we will never go elsewhere! Thank you, and CANT WAIT to use you again in a few weeks!!

Very happy with The meals and delivery

By: on 19 February 2017
I have a freezer full of them. Love the bread and butter pudding. Love the non preparation I need with your meals. It's all ❤️❤️❤️. Great delivery person. Very cheerful and obviously loves her job.

Meals4U Response..

Thanks Lesley for the great feedback! I'll let the driver and the kitchen tream know.




Roast Lamb - yummy

By: on 19 February 2017
I ordered Petite Meals which were delivered on 14th Feb. This was a smart move as they are just the right size for both my husband and I. The roast lamb is excellent, my husband usually leaves some of his meal but both times we have had roast lamb he has eaten it all. Being a full time carer for my husband it is good not to always have to cook a meal, especially in the evening when my energfy is flagging. I find the variety of meals is excellent. Keep up the good work, I pray your business keeps expanding. Thanks

Meals4U Response..

Thanks Jessica for your kind words which I'll pass onto our teams here.

Thank you too for your prayers - which must be working as we could only just about fit all the food items into the delivery trucks on Friday!



We are both extremely happy with our meals

By: on 11 February 2017
(received via email) I told your lass that I am going to hospital & will be here another week,yet. We are both extremely happy with our meals & want to say thanks. Me will be ordering again when I am home

Meals4U Response..
Thanks Eth for your kind words. Mike.

Fabulous meals and wonderful service

By: on 3 February 2017
I order the wonderful Petite Meals for my mother who lives in Tewantin (I live in New Zealand). Without these meals my mother, at 91 years of age, would not have the independence she finds so important. The menu is varied and very well thought out and meals are delicious, so I am told! Every member of the Meals4u team is amazing, always helpful, friendly and kind. I am so pleased my mother found Meals4u and both she and I couldn't recommend them more highly.

Meals4U Response..

Thanks Caroline.

It always makes us all feel good when we realise that we're extending people's ability to maintain their independence, which is exactly what we aim to do, and giving you piece of mind, even though you are overseas.

Next time you visit it'd be great if you and your Mum could stop by the shop and say hello. Dawn and I and the whole team would love to meet you both.

 I will make sure your kind words are read out at next round of team meetings.



New Website

By: on 29 January 2017
I got so used to the old website so was scratching my head for a while to find my way around the new one. When all else fails - read the instructions!!!!! Great now that I know. Thanks Mike & Dawn & to everyone at your place. Meals: great. Drivers: would that all drivers be so courteous & pleasant. Thanks again.

Meals4U Response..
Thanks Joyce for your kinds words and continued support. Glad you found your way through the haze! Mike and Dawn.


By: on 27 January 2017
We are relatively new customers. The meals are made with fresh vegy's just like home made. The meat is always tender. My husband who likes his roast and veg. is enjoying them. I like a different style of cooking . So it was always a case of cooking two seperate meals. I don't have to do that any more. I can have what I fancy.. Cheers. meals..

Meals4U Response..
Thanks Jenny. Good to hear things are working out with our meals. Hopefully we'll have the pleasure of looking after your meal times for a while. Regards Mike and Dawn.

Great meals, well priced, excellent service.

By: on 24 January 2017
First off let me say that I find the new website much more user friendly than before. You have done well there. Hubby and I have been ordering your meals for a few months now, and find the quality very good, the food is delicious and with that 'home made' taste. Nothing fancy, just good food well cooked. I am very partial to the spinach and fetta quiche meal myself and while I don't mind the potato served with it, I'd like to have it with some mashed potato and a little gravy. The other meal I enjoy is the vegetables with gravy. I'm not a big meat eater and sometimes having the veges on its own is enough for me, however I'd love to have some corn included in that meal. While I do eat the carrots, I'm not a real fan of them, would much prefer corn or beans. The corn portions I find very small, any chance of including 2 of them with a medium meal instead of just the one? Hubby's favourites are the minted lamb patties, the fish in parsley sauce and meatballs. As far as desserts go I love the citrus burst squares, very yum! I think I'll have to give the lemon meringue a go though, it looks good. Our delivery is always hassle free and our delivery lady, whose name has completely escaped me now, is always friendly and smiling. Any emails or messages on your Facebook page are always replied to promptly which is great. Keep up the good work!

Meals4U Response..

Thanks Lilly. You have been a great source of feedback during the switch over to the new website and even uncovered some 'issues' the service provider was not aware of!

As far as the contents of the meals are concerned we do tend to stick with what we have. One person's preference is often anothers dislike and when we have made a change to a long standing meal in the past we have upset more people than we have pleased. I think it's just the nature of the food industry that, so in the very nicest, cutest, gentlist (spelling???), kindest, considerate way possible I can state that we usually find changing the contents of existing meals is painful for too many - so we generally dont. 

Kathy and Kaylene share the load with the Brisbane run working it weeks about. Both will be in their 5th year with us this year and do a great job for us. I'll make sure they get to read your kind feedback.

We keep on top of the messages we receive via Email, Facebook, Answer phone, Twitter, Instagram - wow! It's sometimes a challenge but as your message hinted we do place lots of emphasis on getting back to people quickly. How frustrating is it when you have to wait and wait and wait!

Thanks Lilly we hope we can look after you for the rest of 2017 and beyond....







By: on 24 January 2017
very nice

My Latest Order

By: on 24 January 2017
After quite a long break (and some confusion with the new website!!) I was very happy to see Kaylene arrive with my order. As well as a couple of old favourites I had ordered a few things I'd not tried before and was really pleased with them. I certainly will be reordering (as long as it's still available) the pork, apple & cranberry meatloaf, the Steak Diane and the mash, vegetables and gravy. Not as fussed with the sausage meal - a bit tough. Desserts are a welcome addition - LOVED the lemon meringue and the rhubarb crumble! Thanks, Mike & Pam

Meals4U Response..

Welcome back Dorothy!

Yes the Pork Apple and Cranberry is here to stay, its become one of our best sellers.

Sorry you were not so keen on the Sausage Meal - strange that it was a bit tough? I'll mention that to the kitchen team tomorrow and see if they know of any reason why that might be?

Good to see you back



Awesome service;-)

By: on 24 January 2017
I would like to thank all the staff at Meals4u. You delivered to my dad and mum on Bribie Island. They really loved the meals you delivered and after having had MOW's in the past your menu and quality of food was a refreshing change for them. I must say I have also eaten some of your meals and found them delish!!! I would highly recommend Mike and Dawn and the Meals4u team, you made everything so easy. All the very best wishes for the future, I will come to you if ever I need a service like yours;-)

Meals4U Response..

Thanks Carol. Its very humbling to read your kind words and a good reminder of the reason why we do what we do.

I always tell new staff that people decide if they will use us again based first on the quality of their meals and second on the quality of their delivery driver.

Sometimes its hard to maintain everything in tip top shape but with the help of the wonderful people that work for us we seem to figure it all out!

Look forward to getting your order - but I suspect it could be a few years away!!!!??








Food is great

By: on 24 January 2017
We have been buying our main meals from Meals4u for over a year now, still enjoying them. The simplicity of having the main meal all prepared and just having to heat up, is pure bliss especially for really busy people. So quick, so easy and tasty too.

Meals4U Response..
Thanks for your kind words and ongoing support Dail and Mark. Regards Mike and Dawn


By: on 24 January 2017
I purchase your meals for my brother who has an Acquired Brain Injury. I know that he has eaten well and can be less depend on other people We will purchase from you again.

Meals4U Response..
Thanks Jenny. Mike.

Food delivery

By: on 23 January 2017
Hi I have moved but used your service when i lived near and as i wasnt able to cook or shop your food was perfect. Service was excellent and variety of food meals. Congratulations on the new web site. Trisha

John's comment

By: on 23 January 2017
I have no complaints at all about your food or your delivery system, but at first try I did find your new website a bit confusing. Specifically, when I tried to order to the cart, I got a cart with items listed which I'd not ordered! I'm happy to try again - with a bit more concentration - and then let you know if the problem is with me or with your new website! Kind regards, John

Meals4U Response..

Thanks John. We have had a few customers tell us that getting going with the new site has been a little tricky, although I did ask for and get comments back from a team of 14 existing users of the old site during the design phase (and am still getting great suggestions too!)

On a given computer/mobile phone your cart will remain populated with any items you have added to it until you check out - which is the only time it becomes empty.

This means that you could be half way through an order, log off, return to the same computer/mobile 5 days later and the part order will still be there in your cart! Is it possible that this is what happened in your case if maybe you were having a play around with the new site and then came back later to work on a real order?

Anyway - I'd be keen to keep in touch and see how you go with the next order. If you need help feel free to give me a call 07 5494 0113 - or email and I'll hop on and see if we can get things tidied up for you. Thanks for your persistence John

Meals 4 U

By: on 23 January 2017
I have been ordering meals for you for a while now and love the fact that they are delivered right to my door on the specified delivery day. The team goes to extra trouble to place my meals in a safe place with ice and an eski. My adult son takes them to work - the meals are 'homemade', tasty, healthy and a perfect size. Thanks for this wonderful service. PS the new website is very user friendly and I order more often now that is is easier to do so. Judith. Peregian Springs

Meals4U Response..

Thanks Judith for the great feedback. Ive been seeing your orders come through but dont think we have spoken yet?

Awesome that you are finding it easy - which was the whole driving force behind what became a huge administrative change.

The testing team (14 existing customers) placed multiple dummy orders for us and gave me heaps of feedback, which helped me see and fix the flaws very early on.

I'll make sure the kitchen team gets to hear your compliments a our next meeting.

Thnaks Judith






Dad Loves The Meals

By: on 23 January 2017
Our Dad loves the meals and the service is great. Thanks so much

Meals4U Response..
Txs Sue.

We love the choice of Meal Sizes.

By: on 23 January 2017
We love the fact that we can have different sized meals for different family members. We regularly enjoy your meals, delivered to our door. But best of all is that we can purchase them for family members and have them safely delivered to their door. I was worried that the petite meal might be too small but we found it to be very generous. This is also a great service for people recovering from illness or living alone and don't feel up to cooking. I like the new website but it took me a little bit to work it out, much easier to use.

Meals4U Response..

Hey Sharon - thanks for the feedback.

Back in 2015 we were losing lots of regualr customers as they approached their late 80s. Frankly the meals were just too large and food was getting wasted or fed to pets.

I travelled around a bunch of customers who told me they'd start re-ordering straight away if we sold a smaller size .. (which we did October 2015) and were able to get lots of our former customers back with us again.

It took a while for us all to get the hang of the extra weighing, the new meal size, storage etc..and its a real credit to Dawn who 'ínvented' the new size and was the person that made it all happen in the kitchen.

Your comments too about the meals being ideal for people recovering from illness is topical as we are working on a short video to highlight this and the fact that our meals are great for people of all ages - even if they only need them for a short time during recovery.

Thanks for your comments which are very inspiring.



Received via email Nov 2016

By: on 23 January 2017
Good afternoon It was very remiss of me not to thank you for the call when Kaylene was delivering my last order Friends had invited my wife and I out for lunch to celebrate her coming home after 14 weeks in hospital. It was while getting her to the car that had come in a wheelchair that I forgot to close the front door. Our friends could not believe that you took the time to ring and that because I had left a polystyrene box out my meals were delivered and would not defrost. They were very impressed & asked for details on what service you provide. Many, many thanks. Wife has been re-admitted to hospital Have a great Christmas & keep up the good work Regards

Meals4U Response..

Thanks Lesley...

we'll never be a drop and go organisation and like to see a delivery through to completion.






Received Via Facebook

By: on 22 January 2017
I work in Aged Care and many of my clients use your meals and they are great and the girl that delivers to Maleny is really lovely friendly and helpful well done

Meals4U Response..
thanks for the great feedback.

Received via email

By: on 22 January 2017
Have been playing around with the NEW SITE . Found it Easy . Great that we can order place in the cart then come back later. and everything is still there . Well done OZZIE Mike Thumbs up. Will be re ordering next week . Will place it early prior to Australia day.

Meals4U Response..
Thanks for the feedback Joan. Mike.

Received via email

By: on 22 January 2017
I'm a shift worker who hates cooking so I wasn't eating very well. I tried (a competitor) but the meals were too big for me and I was throwing half away hence wasting money. I love your small meals, they suit me perfectly. I also love the taste and flavours. It really is home cooking made quick and easy and now I'm eating balanced meals. Keep up the great work. The drivers are also very pleasant and accommodating.

Meals4U Response..
Thanks Robyn for your kind words. I'll make sure your comments are shared at our next team meeting. :-) Mike.

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