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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get asked...in order of popularity!

I'm not sure if I'll need large, medium or petite sized meals - what's the difference in size?

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Size Weight Volume*
Petite 180-220 5
Medium 300-370 3
Large 400-520 2
*approx this number of meals 
take the same freezer space as 1 loaf of bread

Our petite sized meals range from 180-220 grams and are used by Seniors with a smaller than normal appetite. Some also buy them for their adult childrens lunches.

Our medium meals range from 300 to 370 grams and our Seniors tell us that they are just the right size for the main meal of the day.

Our large meals range from 400-520 grams and due to a limited demand, they are slowly bing phased out.

What time will you arrive with my order?
Because we deliver mainly to Seniors anything can and does often happen, so we can't give an exact time. We can usually give you a good idea though and can give you a 2-3 hour window.

Additionally - all our delivery vehicles are tracked 24/7 so we can see where our drivers are at anytime on a 'live' map. If you are waiting to go out on the day of your delivery call us and we can give you an update based on the current location of our driver within the delivery run.

Is it too late to order today for a delivery tomorrow?
We take orders right up until 3pm on the day before we deliver in your area, so, as long as you call us before 3, we can get an order to you the next day. Please place your online order by 2pm on the day before we deliver in your area.

What happens if I am out when you arrive with my order? Here are some options...
- will there be anyone close by who can give us access to your property so that we can enter (accompanied) and pack your delivery into your freezer? 

- can we leave your order at an alternate address?

- if you will be returning within 2-3 hours we can leave your meals in an eski with ice sheets (you can provide one or we can for an additional $5)

Please discuss these options with us before placing an order online as we wont be able to leave meals if no-one is home and we have no arrangement in place with you or the receiver of the meals.

Do I have to order every week ?
No - you order only when you want to.

Do you use Salt in the meals?

No we dont add salt to any of the meals or vegetables. 

I don't like carrots. Can you leave these off please?
We did try to 'customise' meals according to people's individual preferences for a while when we first started - but it became a job in itself just trying to keep on top of all the differences. So - sorry - we don't offer this as part of our normal service.

Do you have Gluten Free meals?
No - our meals are not suitable for a Gluten Free diet.

Do you use powdered mash?
No - our mash is made from real potatoes in our own commercial kitchen by Dawn and our team of cooks.

What type of fish do you use?
We use Hoki in all our fish meals. This is caught in New Zealand waters and frozen at sea. The packaging that our fish arrives in shows a picture of the trawler that was used to catch it.

Now - a question for you....do you belong to a group or organisation? 
If so would you like one of us to host a morning tea for you and your group and make a short presentation about Meals4U?

For further information about presentations
please email mike@meals4u.com.au or call me on (07) 5494 0113