Reduce Your Isle Miles

Let's face really enjoys wandering up and down the Aisles - do they???

Or were the team at Meals4U telling porkies when we asked them what they thought about grocery shopping recently???

You may have thought the guys at Meals4U only make Frozen Meals for Seniors...which they have done - since 2005! 

But guess what - your local team now also produce a delicious range of Fresh, Tasty and nutritious Meals which are well worth checking out.

So - get your click frenzy happening and grab yourself a bunch of the latest Fresh Meals cooked every Monday afternoon ready for pick up from 8am Tuesday morning.

There is no minimum order but....spend $60 or more, Checkin In to Meals4U on FB when you are collecting your meals and the guys will shout you a delicious dessert absolutley free of charge!