Using Wishlists

Creating and Using Wishlists

If you would like to speed up your ordering process you can do so by adding your favourite items to a 'Wishlist'.

A wishlist is simply a list of the items you consider are your favourite items. You can save items to your list, remove items from it, add items from your wishlists direct to your cart and you can also have mulitiple wishlists!

Being able to easily bring up a list of your favourite items and add direct to your shopping cart from a wishlist can speed up the ordering process for you considerably. It does of course take a little thought and understanding but I think you'll find it's worth the investment...

OK let's get started

1. Log On to

2. Navigate to an item that you'd consider to be one of your favourites and click the image of this item to show more details for details for it.

3. Click the Wishlist button - this item will now be added to your wishlist

4. Repeat the above for all of your favourite items.

Then - to use your wishlist to speed up your ordering process 

1. Press the Account icon from the home page

2. Select Wishlist from the menu that appears

3. Press the name of your wishlist (by default your wishlist will be called My Shopping List)

4. Scroll to see the items on the list and add items to your cart as needed (note for 2 of the same items you will need to press the Add To Cart Button twice)